Thursday, March 31, 2011

You must be a toddler mama if..

1. you neglect your blog frequently..
2. you consider 7pm the "end" tape you just crossed and people should be clapping for you
3. you ask your friends with other toddlers where they put their "poopies".. I just can't stand them in the house
4. you soak up the precious times of kisses and sweet moments because you know they'll be too cool for you too soon
5. you go places like the zoo and the science center on a weekly basis
6. you've been refreshed or now know all of the character's names on sesame street

just a few from today that I thought of..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

If you blink

Hey everyone,

I think things have slowed down with the onlilne involvement here because I never sit :) I think about updating about once a day which means I went over 30 days thinking about the blog over 30 times and am just now updating.

Things here are good. I have a bunch of photographs and videos to post so.. just know I am in the process of uploading those to this post today..

We are expecting baby number 2 in September! I wonder from time to time... am I crazy? :) We are very excited.

More to come