Wednesday, June 22, 2011

End of June

Hello again,

This time I promise to post something you will actually get a kick out of: photos. The first few are of James at the park the other morning where we met up with Wick Pfitzer and his mama, Marianne. It was a cool place with a breeze and lots to entertain the boys. Wick is about 2 months younger than James.

and here is my new bag that I made today! yay for my mother's day gift of the monogram machine! Thanks, honey~

This project took me a while. Once I get the hang of it, though, I think I'll be able to do these things a lot quicker :)

Melissa, Jim and James

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day (a tad late)

Happy Fathers Day, Jim! I am so proud of the father you are and developing to be!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. We went to a wedding in Athens, GA (Anna and Andy Frame's) and were able to be with the whole Shelton side of the family all weekend. Jim, James and I met up with everyone Friday afternoon and James got to ride on a boat and a wave runner (very slowly, might I add). He's very excited about the boat but once it starts going, I can't tell what he's thinking. He is 20 months old now! He is putting many phrases together like "mommy socks" and "daddy's shruck" (daddy's truck). Some of his favorite things include the choo choo trains, reading books, singing songs, dancing, jumping.. I promise myself to get some good video uploaded soon. I do have this recent video of us at Lowe's where he was trying to jump :) It's on my phone.. I"ll post it maybe tomorrow or the next day.

If you ever want to see videos of James that I keep pretty recent (it's easy with an iPhone), you can go to my youtube account

search for lilsheltn, and there are the videos.

Mary Shelton!! I cannot end this post without talking about my precious niece! She is 10 weeks old and growing so quickly. Her smile will melt your heart and she LOVES her mamma and daddy. Every time Ellen spoke or laughed, I could see her straining to look for her mamma. It's really great to see them as a family unit and doing such an amazing job. I'm also very proud of my sister for getting all of her schooling in and learning all of the amazing things counseling has to teach you. I hope I can learn a lot from her! Keep up the wonderful work, Ellen and Richard! Richard, thanks again for the many boat rides you were willing to take baby J on. I know he will never forget them.

Kristen and Galen were so cute too! I love that he is so attentive to her and loves playing with James too. They will make wonderful parents. Boston is lucky to have them! Hopefully, the nausea of this pregnancy will subside soon! I think it will.

Mom and Dad, thanks again for all of your generosity and love. We are all blessed by it!

Time to call it a night! Maybe I'll post some fun photos and videos soon.

Love to you all,
Melissa, Jim, and James :)