Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Hanging with the Sullivan girls.  Mason was upset about 
legos not fitting together just right, I believe.   

Playing with Caroline :) 

Playhouse and playground play time

Watch out!  He's kind of a maniac driver. 


Aidan shows us how it's done 

James being silly 

If this is any indication of how he will drive, I am in trouble 

Bowling on a Monday 

 This past weekend we did Macon/Atlanta and got to 
hang out with the cousins!  So fun.

 Atlanta aquarium

He kept saying "I'm so tired, mom"  I imagine so since
he kept staying up late with the cousins.  He was a trooper. 

Breakfast at the hotel. Waiting on pancakes 

Let's make a deal... I'll eat a bunch of sugar and... 

Legoland in Atlanta.  We had a great time! 

Batman with Batman 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Well, it's been a while since i posted but I had some good photos on my Cannon and wanted to remember these.  Both boys had a Thanksgiving concert of sorts and, while Mason was in clear view of our seats the whole time, James was in an spot we couldn't see.  It was sad and Jim and I split up afterwards.  I went to Mason's class for snacks and Jim went to James' class.  Therefore, we have no photos of our little pilgrim, James.  Fear not!  I will find one :)  Hopefully.

 Mason either had his fingers in his mouth or his nose pretty much the whole time.  No surprise to us but I hope others weren't concerned :)  

 When he finally noticed us, he kept saying "Mrs. Abby!!! There's my Dad! Hey, there's my mom!" Meanwhile, the rest of the children sang.. That boy.

 This is a good shot of him pointing saying "There they are!"

That nose picking performance made me hungry!  

My baby turkey boy. 

Though many days, he does not nap, he often finds a spot to curl up in and sleep in the afternoons.  I love it.  I gave up trying to put him down for a nap.. this works just fine for us. 

There's our stud!! Post life-changing hair cut he got circa Christmas week. 

The Cowboys made the play offs and we were excited.  They won their first game but lost the second.  Jim will recoup eventually :)  Apparently, it was a loss that should NOT have happened. 

Tattoos on the face.  Not the smartest thing we ever did but the boys enjoyed it. 

I don't cook enough!  Aunt Lindsey and Aunt Kristen put me to shame.. BUT, when I do cook, I love the smells and putting things together that come together so beautifully.  For example, when you put onions and green peppers on the skillet... ahh that smell!! You know something good is going to come from it. 

Browning the meat... 

Voila!! Ha!  I skipped the photo where you see my spaghetti sauce has been splattered all over the stove :) Just call me Grace. 

This is James pointing to the beautiful dinner for the party of four.

So many updates.  We are expecting baby girl in May or late April.  Her name will be Sarah Elizabeth in honor of my sister, Sarah, who passed away in 2001.  I'm so thrilled.  We aren't sure what we will call her yet from that but that's the name for sure!  I need to get my monogramming machine going.  I am in a sweet spot right now and I'm trying to seize the moments.  The boys play so well together and let me clean and organize while they take everything I've done and tear it down play.  I am trying to organize things like the garage and the office and the attics while also not pushing myself.  I'm bad at that.  I told my doctor, Dr. Wendy Gregory (love her!) that I need her to write a prescription for Jim saying house work is his job.  Ha.  It didn't work.  Nothing does.  

I did read one article recently that said a good rule of thumb is to have a clean sink at the end of the day.  This has been my new years resolution.... to not leave any laundry or dishes undone for the next day within reason.  It has really helped because our kitchen and breakfast room have stayed clean.  I love it.  It takes work but I'll rest eventually.  

James is entering into his second semester at Covenant Day School.  He has such a sweet heart. I know a lot of his energy is "boy energy" but I see how he cares for people.  We've had some challenges this year with some challenging personalities for him but I think it's been so good for him.  We don't get to choose our co-workers, our class mates, and our family members ;).. so it's a good lesson to learn how to handle all personalities.  We tried Karate for a month but at the end he was asking not to go because the man yelled too loud.  The man does yell but not mean-spirited and I thought it was so wonderful.  We may try to visit that one again.  This spring holds T-ball and maybe soccer for us.  I'm not a huge soccer fan so we shall see.  Oh yeah, both boys are in gymnastics right now and they love it.  They don't mind that they are the minority in their class and I think it's great exercise head to toe :)  

Mason is just the funniest little boy you will ever meet.  I am a little biased but he just never seizes to make me giggle even when I'm mad - a trait of his father's, I know.  He's three years old and four months and still having major issues with potty training.  I am just taking it one day at time.  I did the "three day method", I've about done every method I've read and I'm just facing the fact that everyone will do it on their own timing.  Mason loves gymnastics, as stated earlier and is a very independent child.  He loves to play with lego duplos and eat cookies.  I think if those were the only two things in a room for a whole day, that child would think he's in heaven.  He has a solid appetite.  He used to run away from me when I tried to cuddle with him (circa 2 year old Mason) but now, he'll curl up against my chest in bed and stick his two fingers in his mouth and say something cute like "you're my favorite mommy" or just "I love you".  Gosh, heart melter.  He is full boy. He also loves to sing for people.  His latest hits have been: "all about that bass", "ice ice baby", and a mash up of "hit me with your best shot"/"one way or another".  Hilarious.

As for the rest of us.. Jim, Reagan, Abby and I.. we are surviving the life that involves toddlerhood. Well, sometimes "surviving".. sometimes "thriving" :)  Jim has found a new love of hunting and James went on the deer stand with him twice this season.  It's sweet to see them both appreciate it as new "hunters".  Doc has been great and taken them to some awesome spots for deer hunting.  We got to take Gammy and Paw Paw to the hunting camp, Fighting Bayou, as well which was an awesome retreat.  I wish we could take all of our friends every year but we only end up going 2-3 times and it limits us on how we do the trips.  Jim took some resident friends with him this past week for two mornings and now the season is over.  I believe today was the last day.  

Okay, that's it for now.  Until next time!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I just posted a bunch of these to facebook but I thought I should post again here for journeling sake.  Last week, we took the Shelton beach trip to Destin FL and had a blast.  So many little ones and so much food!  It was great! Lots of great memories created...