Monday, May 16, 2011

Find X

Hey everyone!

So, I'm getting bad about my blog. I think it's because I am running after a toddler who doesn't stop whereas, a newborn sits and eats and sleeps and stays put. Not that that's not hard work because, as my sister Ellen can attest to, it is! It's just a different type of work. Anyway, if only life were this simple...

James will be 19 months on the 22nd of May (6 days). He is a mess.

Foods he loves: mandarine oranges, gogurt, french fries, ketsup!, turkey, cereals, gold fish, crackers, ice cream.. the only green veggie he will really eat is broccoli.. I do try..

Favorite drink(s): Chocolate milk ("coco nuck"), very watered down apple juice, orange juice

Favorite song(s): wheels on the bus, itsy bitsy spider, who built the arc?, Jesus loves me, he can finish the endings to the lines of "you are my sunshine" and the alphabet

Favorite book: Choo choo, Pat the bunny, Planes, any hard paged books listing things and words especially animals and sports

Favorite dance: itsy bitsy spider, he loves to spin

Favorite recent "aha" moment: water table time at B and Docs

Favorite things to play with: Reagan (our 6 year old Springer Spaniel), Water!!, trucks!, did I mention water?.. mama's phone

Some of mommy and daddy's favorite James sayings: "Hi mama! Hi dada! Hi waygan! Hi teeta!" (reagan and kitty cat). "no no beee!" (talking to the big bumble bees outside), "wound and wound" (round and round.. like the fan), "that's melmo's saaaaaa!"(that's elmo's song), "up! up!" (help him up), "Hop, hop" (Help), "Car car!" (car), "Coco nuck" (Chocolate milk), "looove you, dada. Loooove you, mama!", obvious things like "bye bye", "light", blowing kisses.. his vocabulary is huge. I can't begin to type all of the words he knows but those are the ones we notice a lot.

He does love milk "nuck"!

Mama got creative with tupperware.. yes,.. tupperware..

James with his new toy at "B and Gock".

As for baby2 (which is what I so lovingly call him or her.. I really need something better), he or she is flipping around and playing circus in my tummy. It seems so crazy that something so small is just growing and living off of me. Wow! Only God! That's what I have to say to that! Only God!!

For mother's day, Jim got me a machine that appliques and monograms. I am only perfecting my monogramming abilities right now which ware a little harry but definitely getting better! Anyway, that's what I've got for now! I'm not sure but I may have left out the lakehouse trip and the trip to B and Docs recently... I"ll see if I can't post more photos from there at the end of this posting.

some recent goodies:

James and Preston enjoy the zoo

Uncle Richard is the coolest!!

In the boat!! Well worth the drive to see his excitement!

"I love Wvater!!!"