Monday, April 25, 2011

photos from Easter

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter. We woke James with his all-time favorite "Hop Little Bunnys" song, slapped on some shoes and went easter egg hunting. Afterwards, we went to church, came home, napped, played and then off to the Irvine's for another easter egg hunt with several toddlers and a yum yummy meal planned by Katie Irvine! So great. Here are some photos from it.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

So much to say So much to say


Blog family,

These past few months with a toddler have been busier than I could have imagined. I feel like it happened so fast. Today was a wonderful day! Jim had to sleep, unfortunately, but James and I went over to the Easter Egg hunt at Dawson Baptist Church in downton Homewood. I love Homewood because it has activities like carnivals and easter egg hunts and a park with a pool right around the corner. It's such a wonderful place to live. As I reflect on where I live, I may as well reflect on the past year and a half. This being that was kicking me in the ribs became a bundle in my arms that, frankly, I had no clue what to do with.. we thrived, though.. I may have cried over silly things and Jim and I may have had changes in our relationship but they have all been right and good changes. I found these videos on my old camera today. They weren't shot that long ago yet it was a century ago in baby time... check it out..

Those were shot in March of 2010 (James was a little over 4 months old).

Because I have been slacking on the internet as a whole, the blog has taken a hit and, for that, I apologize. I mean.. a common misconception is that stay at home moms have more time to themselves but I'm here to tell you that that isn't so. I had more time to myself when I was in full time school and part time RN AND in a relationship with Jim. I made 50 plus sugar cookies at midnight one night just because I had the energy and "time"... Times they are a changing. It's barely past 9pm right now and I've been yawning since 7 (when I put James down for bed). I may still be in my 20s (3 more months!), but I'm pooped. Maybe it's pregnancy too.. yeah..

Anyway, I'll catch you up to date as best as possible on the past weeks. Okay, this past weekend A LOT happened. For one, we welcomed a new member to the family! On Friday April 8th at 4:16pm, James' cousin, Mary Shelton, was born at 6 pounds 15 ounces, 19.5 inches to Ellen and Richard. That little nugget is so little and so so very precious. Ellen is just a natural at mothering and she and Richard are going to be wonderful parents, I do believe.

Jim and I weren't able to be there on that Friday, but we did head to Macon on Sunday. Because scheduling was hard, we stuck with our original plan to go to Destin with three fourother resident's families here in Birmingham. I'm pretty sad I missed the delivery but this trip was beyond being a blast. The families that went were the Pfitzers (Marianne, Scott, and Wick), Irvines (Katie, Scott, and Asther), and the Sullivans (April, John, Preston, and Caroline). The Petersons were going to go with us but mama Peterson (Robin) was 36 weeks pregnant and contracting a good bit so they opted out. They were definitely there in spirit! Here are some photos:

This beach trip was fun because James (as well as all of the little tots) were so excited to play in the sand. James LOVED the ocean and wanted to run out in it (scary a bit).

On Sunday, we headed to Macon and hung out with Mary Shelton Thomas and her family :)

Jumping around, I know, but Friday night after Ellen had her delivery, I get a text from my dear friend, Claire, saying she was on her way to the hospital for the delivery of her SUPRISE! third little nugget boy, Charles Faver Ridgway. What an eventful weekend!!

The rest of the week was decently uneventful until today. As mentioned earlier, the Egg Hunt was today and we met up with Robin, Todd, Anna, and (because she is only 2-3 weeks from coming out of the womb I will mention her) Elizabeth Peterson. James, though tired, had a great time on the choo choo train and picking up "hidden" eggs. He wore an outfit that B got him.. I can only dress him like for so much longer so, I do. I love him..

And then I will leave you with this video from lunch time right before nap. He and I both were tired from the Egg hunt and hungry and, well, just being silly.

Ultimately, I am reminded daily of what God has blessed us with. I know there are parts of our lives we wouldn't wish for but they have grown us into the spouses, parents, and brother and sister we are now. I don't say this enough but Praise God from whom all blessings flow :)


the Galbraith Gang