Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Birthday, B!

Well, it is about 40 minutes until the 27th here but in Boston (and Macon), it is officially you're birthday, mama!!  We love you to pieces.  These photos didn't exactly turn out like I wanted but I think they do it justice :)

 We had a 20 minute photo session and these are the best I could come up with!!  Oh well.. hope they make you laugh at least :)

James kept wanting to hold them in front of his face

Best sign photo.. not necessarily James' best photo though

Oh boys! :)

Jim blew his hair dry right before this photo.  He look so grown up! 

Paper is way more fun when  you just throw it right on the ground.  At least, this is Mason's theory. 


give it here!! I wanna throw it on the ground! - Mason

almost... got it... almost.... throw it!! - Mason

We love you, B!!!  Hope you are having a good time in Boston with our newest family member!!  

Love, Melissa Jim James and Mason

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentines goodies.  I'll post tomorrow what they think and maybe some video!  I haven't done video in a while :)

Great minds think alike because I got all Max and Ruby stuff and so did B!!! LOL.  It was meant to be especially since we play Max n Ruby 24/7!!  James and Mason will love this so much!!

Happy Valentines day to everyone!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

We had arts and crafts day yesterday with valentines crafts.  I'm proud of what we came up with..  Here are some photos.

 It was a mess to make those but they turned out okay..

 James loves him some star wars angry birds...
 the making of a mess..  mason finds a bucket with paper towels.. no big deal, right..

 Oh, it unrolls like this!!
 and this and this and ooooh

 yup.. lets take it in a nicer room to destroy!!
is mom watching?

i only sat there and took photos.. because i'm so used to stopping it.. but this is how my house is in dissaray.. a lot.. a   lot  

 love to you all..

a couple more photos from the park: