Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bedtime stories

We were telling bedtime stories tonight and Jim told James to tell us one. This is how it went:

Jim: tell us a story, James

James: once upon a time uhhhh

Jim: there was a..

James: a spaceship!! One, two blastoff!!!

Jim: who was on this spaceship?

James: aunt Ellen and Richard

Jim: cool!

James: one, two blastoff!!

Jim: what did aunt Ellen and uncle Richard do? What did they say before they took off?

James: uuuuh... Bye!!!

Jim (laughing): that's an awesome story, buddy! Good job!

James (laughing): bye!! Bye, daddy! Bye, B!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Holidays 2011 and Welcome, Jack!!

December 27th, 2011


Hello everyone!!

Long time, no type. I am just going to post a couple of photos. We've had a busy month. We headed to Macon the first weekend of the month to see Mary Shelton get dedicated and then headed to Dallas for a full week. We stayed with Jim's dad and had a great time getting to see everyone. After that, we headed home and then I packed up the kids and we went to Driftwood for the Shelton large family Christmas. After that, we came back to Birmingham for a couple of days and then headed back to Jackson on a Thursday through a Saturday (Christmas Eve). After hanging out all day Thursday (Dec. 22nd), late that night, we found out Kristen was starting to contract and have a baby!! Baby John Andrew Collins (Jack) arrived Friday night after a lot of waiting and, I'm sure for Kristen and Galen, a lot of exhaustion. We are so thrilled he is here!! What are we to do with all of these boys???!! Anyway, B and Doc headed to Boston on Saturday while Ellen, Richard, Mary Shelton, Jim, James, Mason and I headed to Birmingham. We got here in time to watch the Cowboys lose a dreadful game, eat a nice meal, and get ready for Santa Claus!! Now, we are in Birmingham and should be here for a while until Mason and I head to Boston to meet Jack!! We have had a wonderful month but I'm kind of glad we are where we are now.. home, resting from all the chaos, and able to clean up :) Here are the photos hopefully in some sort of order :) Happy Holidays, everyone, and God Bless from our home to yours!!

James and Mary Shelton play. This photo is actually from Thanksgiving but I haven't posted since then so I put some of those photos on here.

B and James sit over Thanksgiving and bond. That boy sure does love his B.

Mary Shelton and Uncle Jim. Thanksgiving 2011.

Mary Shelton, meet Mason. Mason, meet Mary Shelton!

Always the charmer. Thanksgiving 2011.

James and Mary Shelton hold hands. Thanksgiving 2011. Shadow Wood Dr.

Mason found his hands and a little bit of his voice. He's a ham! Coming in at 13.5 pounds and a little over three months old in this photo.

James colors on Aunt Lindsey's chair. Sorry this photo is sideways. I'll try to fix it. James and the purple crayon.. December 2011

Memi and the boys. Mason (3mo) and James (2yo) sit and play with Memi. December 2011.

Jim and James at Shrek on Ice. Gaylord Texan. December 2011. Dallas TX

James in Dallas at Gaylord Texan. There was a Shrek on Ice display which was amazing. He was petrified of this slide.

Gaylord Texan. Shrek on Ice. Wow! Dallas, Tx. December 2011.

When we had our annual ornament swap at Kate's house, Mason wasn't about to let his presence be forgotten. His nose is blinking here. December 2011.

James and Shelton play at Driftwood. December 2011.

Doc and Mason bond at Driftwood. Driftwood 2011 Christmas.

Great Grandmother Sarah bonds with Mason. She is the great baby-whisperer. Driftwood 2011.

All the kids play with the choo choos. Driftwood, Christmas 2011.

Miss Caroline is very interested in Mason. Driftwood Christmas, 2011.

Uncle Ed at Driftwood December 2011 with his dog, Twink

Caroline, James, and Aiden play on the stairs. Driftwood Christmas 2011.

Mason is playing on B and Doc's playmat - baby einstein under the ocean. What a place to be!!

James plays on his new John Deer Tractor. Pre-christmas gift in Jackson, MS. December 2011.

B and Doc got James a John Deer Tractor (for toddlers) for Christmas! How excited was he! It was hard to get him off of this.

Happy Birthday, Jack! We love you! Sweet couple. December 23, 2011.

Precious baby boy!

I just thought that this was funny with Reagan watching his every move from the back of the car :)
No I was not driving.. Jim was :)

Christmas Eve dinner in Birmingham. Yum!

Christmas eve playing around.

Oh My!! Ganoosh!! :) Delicioso cake Christmas eve. Birmingham, AL. 2011.

Mama and James make the gingerbread choo choo. December 2011. Christmas Eve.

James and mommy made a gingerbread choo choo and here is the finished product. Christmas eve 2011. Birmingham.

Christmas eve in Birmingham. See how the table is set. Christmas 2011.

Mary Shelton is ready for Santa to come. Christmas Eve Birmingham, AL.

See the pretty tree! Christmas in Birmingham 2011.

First thing Christmas morning.

Christmas morning

Ellen and Mary Shelton on Christmas morning

James plays with his home depot workshop desk. Christmas morning.

James plays with his home depot workshop desk some more. Christmas morning.

The mess of the Christmas morning!! Christmas in Birmingham 2011.

Mary Shelton is very interested in her chicken game! Christmas morning 2011. Mary Shelton, 9 months old.

James plays with his dump truck. It talks, sings, dances, and even sleeps. Christmas in Bham 2011.

Mary Shelton grunting with James copying

My goodness! That was quite the post!