Friday, March 19, 2010

Some photos and videos - 20/21 weeks old

Hello everyone!

So here we are at 5 months old. James has reached so many milestones. He has rolled over front to back and back to front now, he has eaten solids, he can stand holding on to something without our support, he no longer requires a stroller with head support, and, not sure if this is a milestone, but he's shreaking like a little baby dinosaur. It's really cute. Jim and I both think he will be an early walker. We shall see.

Aunt Kristen visited on Tuesday and, though I didn't get to see her, she and James got some good play time. B was here on Mon-Wed.

Our basement renovation is 99% done! We really are enjoying every bit of it. A little shout out to all of those birthdays we are enjoying! Maureen, Michelle B., and Michelle M.! Happy Happy Birthday and St. Patrick's Day!

Well, enjoy the video and photos from this past week.

Love to you all,

again, all videos can be viewed by either searching "lilsheltn" in youtube, or you can go to a video within the blog and see "other videos by lilsheltn"

Friday, March 12, 2010

20 weeks old

Hello everyone!

There is great news! The sun is finally shining and we are reaching temperatures above 60 degrees and I am no longer wearing my sweats all over the house every day! I LOVE it! We are going for a stroll in a bit and enjoying this time of year!

The basement is almost finished! Jim and I are planning on getting some things moved in this weekend and making it a part of the home! That video is posted next but I wanted to go ahead and get the first video up. When I was getting something out of the garage pile, I found this contraption in the rubble. I had forgotten about it. I immediately put it together and got video of him in it. I think he looks like he is running in place.

Much love,
Melissa and the Galbraith Gang

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Just one of our regular conversations

One of my favorite times of the day is when James is either waking up from a nap or going down for a nap and loves to charm. It is one thing that, at five in the morning, puts a smile on my face and starts my day out on a happy note. I'm so sorry my voice is all through this video and annoying. Silly mamma!

I hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weather. It's now raining as I say that but it was sunshining wonderfully over the past three days! Strolling weather for sure!

Much love,
Melissa and the Galbraith gang

Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5, 2010

Hey everyone! Jim, this video is especially for you since you are out of town and can't see this right now. Let me know what you think.

Seriously, I want to talk to the Charter people because this internet is horrible. I am calling them on Monday. I'm hoping AT&T UVerse hurries up. The only room in the house I can get internet is in the big TV area and it's cold in here...

Bring it on spring!!

I loved seeing B and Doc today. You know, a lot of people are saying James is looking a lot like Doc... Guess we'll have to wait and see a few more years. I am in noooo hurry. No need to even mentally hurry this baby growing up. Cherish these moments! Carpe Diem, right?

Cheese alert! Speaking of which, the other day I was rocking James and that song "I could not ask for more" by Edwin McCain popped in my head. I can't stop thinking of it and I tear up some from it. I guess that comes with being a mom... I'll probably start watching Halmark movies and cry at the diamond commercials. Now, if I can only get the mullet kid on idol to sing this song to me. I'm a huge fan. And how ironic that his name is Alex Lambert (like Adam but much much much better).

I watched the office today and didn't stop laughing.

"A word of advice, speaking as a former baby..." - Andy

"Oh good, you already know everything" - maternity nurse after Pam is concerned with nipple confusion

"..and sometimes epidurals don't work and you can poop yourself" - Kelly

"Ambulances are for emergencies only. You call an ambulance, I call the cops" - Dwight

"The Hospital provides dictionaries. Bring a thesaurus" - Oscar

"You're pushing the milk out, right?" - Jim
"How would one do that?" - Pam

"wrong baby.. wrong baby.. this is not our baby!" - Pam after breastfeeding the wrong baby in the night

Alright! We get to see Kate and Blaine tomorrow and going to Weim and Cheese. I'm really excited!

Melissa and the Galbraith Gang

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Orlando isn't half as cool as this.. well maybe it is

more to come

Mom and Dad will be here tonight! We are excited!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The basement.. it's not so "basementy" anymore

Let me know your thoughts...

Mel and the Galbraith gang