Friday, April 13, 2012

Can I get an update?!

Sorry for the delay in postings. Two months is definitely the longest I have gone. I'm beat! The parentals in this house are categorically exhausted but still going! I do have some great things to share. I am using Mothers Day Out to make this posting so I have no interruptions.. Let me go back to when I posted last and I'll come to present.

Feb. 28th: Mason has his six month check up and, to our suprise, is quite smaller than James was at this time. Mason has had a lot of reflux which is to blame, I believe.

Feb. 29th: James had hand, foot, mouth disease. I took a photo and posted it but took it down because it wasn't pretty.. We'll just remember that he has had it and it wasn't fun. Poor buddy. I'm glad he only had it for a few days.

March 5th: James made rice krispie treats for the Grahams who just had their second baby girl: Rose. We had fun with the "smarshmellows"
March 11th: Mason was baptized at Covenant Presbyterian Church where we attend. Dr. Bill Boyd baptized him. What a great service, what a great celebration.

March 12: B came in town. Here they are playing with James' new bubble machine. This was when James finally learned to blow a bubble. Mason is in the swing watching, I believe.

March 15th: I discovered my new favorite lemon cookies of all time. Thank you, Melody T.:

March 21st: My son likes chocolate as much as mommy and daddy :)

March 23rd: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, UNCLE JASON!! Wish we could party hard at the house with you and color some more chairs!! If you want, James is a great redecorator! :)

I bet Jason is happy he is marrying a woman who can cook!! :) And sue someone too if she wanted! A woman with power should not be messed with :) We love you Aunt Lindsey! Here's a shameless link to a great blog by Auntie Lindsey:

March 24th: can we get Mason to babble Dadadadadada like he loves to?

We had a great garage sale and Mason helped out real big for us:

March 25th: At the Botanical Gardens in Birmginham, James and Mason hung with the girls at the gardens and played hard. We love hanging out with our ER friends. They tend to understand our schedules :)

Two weeks ago, James, Mason and I headed to Brandon Mississippi to hang out with B and Doc for a few days and to hang out with my friends in Jackson. We had a great time. James caught fish for the first time off my mom and dad's deck. He was so thrilled. Mason liked swinging in the swing and watching his big brother. I can tell he is soaking in everything big brother is doing. It's hilarious.

On Sunday after we were in Jackson, James went with his daddy to an Indy race. What a hot but exciting day. James loves the movie Cars and had a great time with Vrocher and his kids and Hilary.
This is a little glimpse of the noise from that day..

April 3rd: Mason and his practicing the crawling position

This past Sunday was Easter Sunday as well as Mary Shelton's birthday! What a big one year old she is too!! She's precious and at the brink of being able to run around with James and cause some trouble for sure.

We visited Richard and Ellen's church, Ingleside Baptist Church, on Sunday and the pastor had a great service. They showed this video.. It's a great video to share and to come back to. I am amazed. I, of course, teared up throughout the whole sermon because I seem to always tear up during moving sermons and songs and videos. Anyone else out there doing that? I have no idea.. but I know I do..

Now, Mason is sitting up in the high chair and stroller like a big boy. He likes to hold on to the handles in the stroller like a big boy and look around. He's laughing at our silly faces and I can tell crawling isn't too far away. We had him weighed on Wednesday and he was 15lb and 13oz (at 7.5 months). He is still in the small zone, but is gaining weight and definitely developing well. James is talking like the biggest little boy ever. It's hard to believe.

Other news... we may be moving. We actually started the search for a new birmingham home. Since James has started to become super mobile and Mason is heading that way, Jim and I are dying for a new back yard and a little bit different of a space. Our home is wonderful now and we are very happy but there are some changes we would like to make so we are playing with that possibility. In fact, we saw some houses yesterday. One home we love would be right down the street from our dear friends the Petersons (a.k.a. "Anna's home" to James).

Here's a song I can't get enough of. I introduced it to Jim last night (even though it's been out for a while). The only show I get around watching is American Idol because I can fast forward and listen to just the songs. This has to rank up there with the best of the best. Catchy tune with angst!

as Jim says, "Ping ping bang bang bum bum bum bum bum"