Saturday, July 16, 2011

This is parenting...


We've been trying to stay mostly inside except for the past two days where the overcast weather has kept us in the 80s. Otherwise, however, we are mostly inside. Being nearly 7 months pregnant and having a toddler, I haven't done any triathalons or marathons :) I don't get to spend as much time with my phone as usual because James' new best friend is the puppy dog on my phone that repeats everything he says. James is such a talker even more now than ever. I am feeling good. I can't wait to meet this baby and I'm excited that we haven't found out the sex. Jim is taking James to the Tetons in about two weeks with my family and I will get to organize my thoughts on what steps to make once we find out the sex of this baby. We also get a visit from Aunt Lindsey very soon and I've been talking to James about this.. Maybe Aunt Lindsey and instill some cooking wisdom on me and I can make some dishes to freeze.

I did have a 32 week check up last week where the doctor said the heartbeat was "a little on the lower side" so she guessed boy but it wasn't much lower than 140 (I think it was closer to 135). The baby is moving and kicking. I have had heartburn and am entering back into a pretty tired zone. I'm glad I can rest when James does because that will all change again very soon.

Oh, I am 30 now! I actually had a nice birthday. I spent the first half of the day at work working on PALS and then came home andwe had Wick and Anna over (with their mama's and Anna's little sister of course). I just shot this about 10 minutes ago. It shows you how tall James has gotten and some of his language skills. He never seizes to amaze me and I've never felt so much love and protectiveness.. this is parenting.

Happy summer and stay cool,