Saturday, July 27, 2013

Things are crazy.. when are they not?  Just wanted to post some photos as of late.  Summer has been mild with lots of rain.  We've had some fun at the pool.  James was petrified to go under water the whole month of May and first part of June and finally took the plunge while at seven sisters with the family.  Jim gave me pearls for my birthday and anniversary :)  Mason is talking so much now.  He reminds me so much of James at this age.  They are very similar right now.  I suppose that will change.  I don't even know where to start and/or what information to include so it will be random.

Mary Shelton, my sister Ellen's daughter, turned 2!!  We went to Macon and had a good time.

Looking through the photos, I can add updates as I go.  For example, the oldest photos were from around the time Michelle Bloch got married in April in Fairhope, AL.  That was a blast.  The wedding was gorgeous and the reception was super fun.