Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer days

Well, the summer has come and is almost close to an end (or at least it seems that way).  I know that football season is being counted down here in the heart of Alabama.  So much has been going on.  At the beginning of the summer, James took swim lessons and did quite well for only being 2.5 years old.  I think we'll do it again next year.

  Our house is on the market as of June 1st though Jim and I won't be all that sad if it doesn't sell.  It's a weird market out there.  Mostly, people are loosing money if they are selling right now.  I took a new position at Children's Hospital here and now work in the flexi pool as an RN.  I actually love it so far.  I've loved using all different kinds of wisdom I learned from Dr. Speros and Dr. Koch, Dr. Garner and the likes. I have failed to use my MSN but I'm not sad for it.. nor do I regret getting it.  I guess maybe I could use it one day but, for now, splitting up my weeks between work as an RN and the boys has been mucho perfecto for me.

I got to go on a beach trip with the girls from my MSU chi omega years in June which was nice.  I am starting to feel the aging effects as I was tired by 10pm most nights and, as a special activity, I sewed.. I mean.. I sewed!  THAT was what I considered "so great".. 10 years ago.. lol.  What will I be doing next year?..

A couple weeks later, the whole Shelton family went to the beach.  Mom, Dad, Kristen (+1), Galen, Jack, Ellen, Richard, Mary Shelton, Andrew, Meri Elliot, John, Jed, Carnes, Jim, James, Mason and I were all fit into our house at Destiny by the Sea.  What a great time!  I say: the more the merrier for sure!  We had themed nights, got to swim in the pool, build sand castles, take lots of naps, and play games.  It was a great great time.  This is where Kristen told us to expect another child to enter our family around February 2013!!  Wow!  That's 6 grandchildren within 3.5 years for my mom and dad!  Pretty exciting.

James and Mason had mothers day out for most of July.  We also were able to fit in a few trips to the McWane center and play with friends.  Especially Anna and Elizabeth or Aidan.

This past Saturday, after I had a shift at Children's to help move to the big new fancy facility (go Alabama healthcare!), James, Mason and I headed to Premier Gymnastics in Hoover and celebrated Aidan's third birthday!  He's THREE!  which means James is almost three!  What?!@

James is a talker.  He doesn't stop.  He loves to hear his dad talk about spaceships and rockets and trains.  When trying to think of the funnies things he said, these are the things that pop into mind:
While watching the olympic swimmers after a few seconds, he turned to me and said "Mom, the people are not scared of the water!"  He often takes his Luke Skywalker sword and tells me he is going to go fight off the alligators.

Mason, just yesterday, was playing and I found him propped up on a ride toy in proper form.  It was crazy!  Here is a video.  he got on and off this four wheeler all by himself.  UNREAL:

Other recent videos that are fun to watch:

The following are from James' friend, Aidan's, birthday.  This was this past Saturday.