Thursday, January 20, 2011


Hi everyone,

Some nights, after the little pea pod has gone to sleep and so has the baby, I like to pretend that I have no reason to get to sleep early and I stay up. Usually, I do this when Jim is at work but, tonight, it just sprang upon me. Truthfully, we got a new computer because Jim's crashed and mine was slow and dented with no CD drive working. We got a fancy iMac. Right now, we have no place to put it but on the kitchen counter but.. that's where it is going to be for right now and It works for me.

I made this video. Practice for some video project(s) coming up but I thought you would enjoy it. Especially Lindsey and Grandaddy Galbraith since we missed a December Christmas with y'all. (The package is coming tomorrow - I had to add a few more small things to perfect it). Anyway, enjoy this:

Things I have accomplished this past week (since Monday)
I made two different dinners: chicken enchiladas and vegetable soup! and if you count the everyday grilled cheeses, I've made 50 more :)
Organized my photos on our computer
updated the blog
rearranged the furniture in our home
I made a video!

Projects this week:
work on a video for my sister's rehearsal dinner
possibly try to make curtains for our home. I'm excited and need advice from the experts!
Quiet time in the mornings. A much needed implemented activity.

Things I do aspire to do in the future. You could call these resolutions but I find a curse goes along with those when they mix with me. I would love to be more creative and green altogether, take more photos and keep the blog updated. I would love to have my whole house organized.. closets, attic, garage, etc. Easier said than done. I would love to plant blueberries and roses because Southern Living advised it.

More postings to come, I'm sure!


Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's been a month!

Oh my goodness! It's been a whole month since I posted. I got a new iphone and I've been sending videos via email and texting but no postings here. I get an F for the month of Dec/Jan. What have I missed?...

Weeeell, we spent the majority of the week off we had for Christmas in Jackson. Jim got off in time for family Christmas which was early because we all have in-laws and families all over. We did not make it to Dallas YET.. but we have it on the calendar! James got a lot of riding toys for Christmas and a big pull wagon for the outings to the zoo, football games, etc.

Jim had a birthday on the 12th of Jan and we had a small suprise dinner for him at habaneros in hoover. Yum! Oh, also I got a bread maker for Christmas and have been testing out recipes. I'm not that great yet, but it will come. Okay.. here are a few goodies from the past month..