Sunday, January 27, 2013

Loved this.  Saw it on Marianne's blog and had to repost it because it's not something we think about every day.  In fact, often we think oppositely.

Something about this day made me recall this song we sang with young life.  I love the lyrics.  

I have searched the whole world over,
Looking for the things I thought would
fill my heart and ease my pain
I can climb the highest mountain,
Or sail beyond the seas,
And it always brings me back to you again.

It's amazing how you love me;
It's amazing how you care,
It's amazing how you're always thinking of me
All the time, everywhere.

There are times when I feel lonely and twisted up inside
On who I am, what I want to be
There's a yearning deep inside me, and a longing to be free
And it always brings me back to you again.

It's amazing how you love me;
It's amazing how you care,
It's amazing how you're always thinking of me
All the time, everywhere.

I have lived my life an outlaw on the run
Leaving broken hearted dreams for everyone
No matter what I do and no matter what I've done,
It always brings me back to you again.

I can look the whole world over thinking that I'll find
Another one who'll know me like you do;
But no matter where I go and no matter where I search,
It'll always bring me back to you again

Quiet time.. even if I have a toddler playing on the ipad next to me..

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hello all!

To my much missed crowd of, oh, maybe six that read this sad little forgotten blog!!  How the times have gone from hanging around all day with a baby on my hip to running around after snotty noses, poopy pants, loud, silly, often dramatic messes that I call the little loves.. and my husband.  I have an interior designer I love love love and she wrote this entry the other day that made me laugh only because it is a very typical morning for me times two :)  (he name is Marianne Strong and she has a toddler who is

Today was a great day for the Galbraith boys.. well, at least one of them.  I'll start by telling you that James has been learning about the circus at school and has been through the many different entertaining features of the circus (though he mostly focuses on the clowns).  Anyway, today was the big day we went and it was amazing!!  I had forgotten just how entertaining the circus really is with the lights, the music, daredevils swinging in the air and walking on ropes, playing with tigers, bending their bodies that which my body doesn't dare go and riding elephants!  Elephants!  And I'm 31!!  I'm astounded.

Anyhow, I did get some photos which is better than how I did at the disney on ice (my apologies to B for that slip).

This is a photo of the boys right before we took them into the arena.  This is your typical moment with James who was probably in the middle of making some "blast off" or "luke skywalker" comment.  Ready to go!  Mason... little do I know what Mason is about to give me :)

The horses.  Jim was getting mad at me for using the flash (HOW DARE I!) in the arena to which I responded "well, everyone else is using their flash and flashing toys".  I'm not sure he could hear me though..

Mason is amazed but not sure what in the world he is watching..

 Okay.. so here.. here it is.. this is the look I should have read.. It says.. Hey Mom, take me from dad because I feel queazy.. and I wouldn't want to get anything on Dad.  Naturally, I say "honey, I'll hold the little squirt".. uh huh.. probably a few minutes later and...

 after watching a little bit of magic tricks and the tigers came out (I was doing so amazing with photos at this point, no??).. yep.. probably about a few minutes after this photo was taken.. Mason's tummy didn't hold what is was holding anymore and the unmentionable was all over me.. all over my pant leg, all over my left sleeve, all over James' jacket, all over the ground.. and the smell.. oh, that smell.  Go ahead.. laugh.  I was laughing (kind of).

Anyway, we didn't make it much longer.. in fact, Mason was half way stripped of his soaking clothes and wrapped in my white North Face jacket and passed slap out by the middle of the first half of the show.  Once intermission hit, we had to leave.  Luckily, I had packed clean clothes for both boys because I'm used to "that that won't be mentioned" happening way too often with these boys.

I don't think James minded leaving, though.  I think he thought he saw the whole thing and was amazed by the woman who was shot out of the cannon AND he, of course, got what was probably 15$ cotton candy (which costs about 50c to make or less) so he was set!

Mason, on the other hand, was tired.  Worn out and empty stomached, he was out cold for a four hour nap once he got into his crib.  

I'm so sorry, buddy.  Your dad and I promise that next year will be better!!  Thank you to Jim for being on top of the circus tickets because our seats were awesome!

Other photos from the past week or two:

We had a cupcake dinner party the other night (Jan 25th) with some friends.. Okay, that didn't go in the right order.. we had a dinner party with cupcakes!  Anyway, they were the reason for the get together.  I am currently working on a blog on all things homewood (with all my free time, I know.. but I really really wanted to..).  Anyway, I'll let you know when I'm proud enough of it to have it up and running.  PLUS i should mention that Jim is really spearheading the project because I'm not even really sure what HTML really means and how to do  half of it.. well.. any of it.  Let's face it, blogger puts this all together for me.


Dreamcakes bakery in Homewood (Edgewood).. great cupcakes!!

The girls went crazy over the pink ones :)

Cookies n Cream


Normally, I feel like James is the one that is in the middle of all of the girls but Mason is really working it here with his buddies Elizabeth and Anna.  Mrs. Robin was playing some dance songs for the kids.  They had some amazing moves.

Mason's moves included squat squat turn, look around, then repeat.. it was amazing.

I can't express how cute our Peterson girlfriends are!!  

 January 17th afternoon.. Snow day!! 

 Mason, baby, get in the snow!!


 and even bigger mess (as seen by most of you on facebook).. these are packing peanuts and, yes, that is Mason crawling out of the dumped box.. that which had been dumped all over him and he thought it was HILarious... me?  not so much...

Ha! this one is actually from Christmas but I love it!  Miss you, baby girl!  Can't wait to see you again!!

To B and Doc!  I already feel like it's been too long!  I'm going to have to head home soon!